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Jerky chips might be new to you, so here are some Q & A's that might help answer some questions, along with general questions as well.

Q: What are Jerky Chips?

A: Jerky Chips are processed the same as traditional beef jerky, marinaded and dehydrated. The only difference is, we slice them thin so they become more like a chip rather than  traditional chewy jerky.

Q: What is the shelf life for Jerky Chips?

A: We like to say about 6 months unopened. Opened and zipped lock closed, anywhere up to a month.

Q: What sizes do you have?

A: We currently offer 4 oz pouch and 2 oz slim bags in all 5 flavors.

Q: Why do some flavors look like they have less chips?

A: Each flavor has a different weight per it's seasoning, and some lay flatter in the bags than others. But they're all weighted out accordingly.

Q: Whats in it?

A: Our jerky is made with USDA beef, and our special marinade made with natural ingredients, no MSG or preservatives.

Q: Is it sugar free or gluten?

A: Unfortunately our jerky contains sugar and wheat from our marinade. Possibly in the future we will have alternatives.

Q: Why are they all spicy?

A: We love spice, so we have spice levels ranging from 1 🔥 to 3 🔥. But we do have "Naked" for the non spicy eaters, which is only marinaded.

Q: How spicy is Flaming Beef?

A: Flaming Beef is our spiciest flavor, but everyone has their own tolerance. In general we like to say 3X Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Q: Will you have more flavors in the future?

A: Yes! We have new flavors in line for release in the future. Stay tuned

Q: What if I don't like crunchy jerky?

A: You're in luck, our jerky is versatile. Simply leave an opened bag in the fridge for about 15 mins to introduce moisture. That will re-hydrate the jerky and you will have a tender/chewy jerky. *Doing this will shorten the shelf life, moisture creates mold*


Q: Where else can I buy your jerky from?

A: Currently only at our flagship store in Orange CA or online through our website. We do occasional do popups at events through out Southern California. Coming soon to Fort worth TX.

Q: If I order online when will I get my jerky?

A: We only process online orders during business hours M-Sat 11am-6pm PST, closed Sunday. If you order within business hours your order will go out that day via USPS, then 1-3 days shipping time.

Q: Do you ship international?

A: Sorry, only domestically to all states and territories.

Q: How hot is your NAGA FIRE hot sauce?

A: It comes in at about 100,000 scoville, right below Habanero. Our Thai chili peppers are sourced from Fresno CA, where some of the hottest Thai peppers are grown.

Q: What pairs good with NAGA FIRE hot sauce?

A: Pretty much anything! Chicken wings, salmon, steaks, or fresh avocado 👌 also mix it with ranch to spice up your dipping sauce. Its a pretty versatile sauce.

Q: Whats the shelf life for NAGA FIRE hot sauce?

A: Unopened it can be fresh up to 3 months. Must be refrigerated after opening.

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